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Easy Booking on the net ~|World Net Rent-A-Car

We have introduced about World Net Rent-A-Car.

This time, we will introduce about the reservation procedure. (^o^)

There are many methods for booking like contacting our Reservation Center

and booking through each travel agency.

Among them, we will introduce the easy and convenient method for booking. ♪

It is kind of sudden, but have you ever booked a restaurant and beauty salon

by the HOT PEPPER GOURMET or Beauty??

Or, have you ever shopped on the Rakuten shop??

When I realized, the points of Hot pepper are saved a lot. When should I use it?

It is the great news for those people!

We have some value plans on and Rakuten Travel.

We will introduce how to book a rental car on


~Reservation Process on


Firstly, if you have your user ID, please login to the login page of

Please click a rental car.


If you scroll down the content to the button, there are items of rental car companies.

Please click World Net Rent-A-Car!!


If you choose the prefecture and region,

the applicable sales office will be appeared below.


New Chitose Sales Office・・・IshikariSorachiChitose

Sapporo Sales Office・・・Sapporo

Asahikawa Sales Office・・・AsahikawaSounkyo

Hakodate Sales Office・・・HakodateOnumaMatsumae


Please select one of them. ☆

Of course the prefecture is Hokkaido.


Please choose the rental period and the car class,

and click the button 【Search again】!

If you would like to add the options like a child safety seat,

you can click the 【Detail conditions】.

You can select them.

If you would like to change the drop-off place,

please select the return place to 【“Drop-off” use】.


Wow!There are many kinds of plans. ♡

You can’t make up your mind which one to choose.

If you decide one, please click your requested plan name!


In accordance with the flight time and schedule,

you can set the arrival time.

Please confirm the reservation contents and click the button 【Reserve this plan】. ☆彡


Please enter the necessary information such as the driver's information!

If you decide your flight, please input the flight information. ( ..)φ

If you use the points,

please click the radio button on the left side of the points.

You can use it from 100 points!

※100 points can be used as the amount of one unit.

If you have no problem with the contents of your reservation,

please click the NEXT to complete the booking. (^○^)



Please use our rental car with good deal by utilizing the saved points of Hotpepper.

Let's make our body and soul happy by the nature and delicious cuisine

in Hokkaido with the saved money. ♥♥