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"Distracted Driving" Strengthening penalties!|World Net Rent-A-Car


Since 1st December 2019, the revised Road Traffic Law has been enforced,

with higher demerit points and fines for “Distracted Driving” which is using a smartphone while driving.



The demerit points and fines after the revised law have been enforced is as follows.


■Demerit points for Mobile phone use (holding)

1point 3points

※Added prison sentence.

If the violations are repeated, the penalty is subject to "up to 6 months of imprisonment or fines up to JPY100,000".


■Penalties for Mobile phone use (holding)

・Large-sized motor vehicle:JPY7,000 → JPY25,000

Ordinary motor vehicle:JPY6,000 → JPY18,000

・Motorcycle:JPY6,000 → JPY15,000

・Moped:JPY5,000 → JPY12,000


■Demerit points for Mobile phone use (Danger to traffic)

2points 6points(Suspension of license)

 ※Excluded from the application of the traffic foul notification system, which is exempted from criminal liability by paying a fine.

Immediately subject to criminal penalties, the punishment is changed from "up to 3 months of imprisonment or fines up to JPY50,000" to "up to 1 year of imprisonment or fines up to JPY300,000".


Using the cellphone while driving is very dangerous.

Even for a moment, the car is still "moving,"

so if you take your eyes away from the front, the chances of an accident are very high.


Watching GPS is also subject to punishment.

Do not look at the screen for more than 2 seconds.

Also, do not use the cellphone as a GPS substitute.


When operating GPS, park the car completely in a safe place and put the parking brake.


For more details information, please check below.


Always drive safely and have a fun trip to Hokkaido!🚗💨💨