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DAIHATSU CAST|World Net Rent-A-Car

I thought Typhoon has gone, but it is coming again🌀🌀

It looks like to come to center of west japan in this week...

but it affect Hokkaido also, so it seems that the price of my favorite onions is going up…

We recommend to check traffic news in advance to coming Hokkaido for trip💦💦


SO! Came back to introducing time a car we recommend🏁\(^o^)/🏁

It is "DAIHATSU cast" of the light car this time 🚙🚙🚙



Umm, this cute form..

The color of this picture is wine red,

but it is subdued color.

So, it has both of cuteness and the cool feature.

For another color,

we has prepared the black and blue color also. \(^o^)/


When you look from the side, it is also cute.


This is the back style.

The cute shape of the back light is very appearing.


The meter is an easy-to-see analog meter.


There is a gear shift lever under the car navigation system.

The space between the passenger’s seat and driver’s seat is flat.

It is a distinctive feature. ☆彡


Flat feeling between the driver’s seat and passenger’s seat!

This is special to Cast…


An ETC device is equipped under the gear shift lever.

Before your departure,

please don’t forget to check an ETC card. (≧▽≦)


There is an USB and AUX cable,

so you can use your iPod. ♪♪

For the detailed information about how to use,

please check the last staff blog. ヽ(^o^)丿


You can’t believe it is the SK(minicar) class

as it has wide space in the back seat  (^_-)-☆


When you install a child seat and even if an adult sits next to child seat,

you will have wide space.

You can sit next to your small child without worry.


There is spacious trunk space.


You can put one carry-on suitcase easily.



How was it?? For a trip with two or three people,

you will surely have space wide enough ~(*^▽^*)

Unlike the compact image of the appearance,

but the inside of the car is flat and comfortable!!

To make memories in Hokkaido getting quite cooler,

why don’t you rent DAIHATSU CAST of World Net Rent-A-Car??