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Colorful Flowers in Shrines! What is "Hanachozu"?|World Net Rent-A-Car

Have you ever heard "Chozu" or "Temizu" before?🌺

“Chozu” is the water which purifies hands and mouth before praying at shrine or Buddhist temple.

(you may know what it is even if you didn't know the name.)

But due to the CoVid-19, many shrines decided to do not use Chozu and Chozubachi(water bowl),

and some shrines decorated it by flowers instead!

So, Hanachozu means Chozu(or Chozubachi) decorated by flowers.


During July 23~26, the first "Hanachozu event" had held in 9 shrines of Sapporo!


I visited Sapporo Suwa Shrine where is close to Sapporo sales office.

It takes 6 minutes from Sapporo sales office,

and just 2 minutes from subway Toho line 'Kita 13jo Higasi' station by foot.


The Chozubachi that was decorated with a lot of yellow flowers is very Hokkaido-like and lovely!

But it was too short period to visit all shrines for me. 

Still there is a chance!

Hanachozu event was finished,

but it seems that some shrines below are still going to do this event for the time being!


Hassamu Shrine

3-1-33 Hassamu 11-jo Nishi-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 063-0831

Teine Shrine

3-4-25 Teine Honmachi 2-jo Teine-Ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido 006-0022

Otaru Sumiyoshi Shrine

2-5 Suminoe, Otaru-shi, Hokkaido 047-0014



When taking pictures, please give concession and consideration

and avoid close contact with others😄