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All-new FIT (4th generation) |HONDA|World Net Rent-A-Car

In World Net Rent-A-Car, we have prepared a lot of new vehicles!

And today’s topic is for all-new FIT 4th generation!

It was a completely new car that had never rented to the customer before. (as of April 2020)

If you made a reservation with a Compact class car, you might have a chance to rent this car!


We will like to introduce to you this car in comparison with the fit of the previous generation.


New generation FIT


Previous generation FIT


It is used a same platform with the previous model,

but the design changed with rounded corners and no edges,

the front mask has changed softly.

It could be also noticed change details such as headlights, no front grill.


The size has changed that length is 5mm longer, height is 10mm lower.

There was no big change in size.

The tail gate designed as usual, but tail lights changed more sharp.

There is a big change to the front view, but it is used a same platform as previous model,

someone might think that it is a usual compact car design.


New generation FIT is based on the concept ‘Human!FIT’,

and they paid attention to  "comfort", so there is a big change in the interior.


The design of the dashboard has changed a lot,

and it has become a very simple and horizontal.

By placing the windshield wipers in an invisible position above the dashboard,

you could enjoy a clean and comfortable field of view.


By making to reduce the thickness of the front pillar,

the blind spot is also reduced and field of view is more wider than previous model.

New Generation FIT


Previous Generation FIT


The instrument panel changed simply as an exterior design.

In the new generation FIT, a digital instrument cluster is adopted,

it makes to check various information at a glance.


The electric parking brake has been equipped with all grades of new generation FIT.

Also, the place where was placed a parking brake for a previous model is able to use for storage space.


A body stabilizing seat that supports the user’s pelvis and lumbar spine with a resin mat

was adopted for the front seats for the first time among all Honda models.

It wasn’t getting tired even long-distance driving,

and I felt that my sitting comfort was such that I could hold my body down.



 For the rear seats, a thick and soft pad is adopted to enable comfortable seating

even for adult passengers despite being a compact car.


Car boot space for FIT

Even though it is a picture, you might notice that it has large luggage room.


By folding rear seats to flat, you may put many pieces of luggage in the car.


You might have a chance to rent this super new car at a reasonable price!

World Net Rent-A-Car looks forward to your reservations.