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Caution!Increasing Traffic Accidents with Deer in Hokkaido|World Net Rent-A-Car

Recently, especially when I go out,

I'm trying to walk like a penguin for not to slip on the road🐧💦

Last week, even though the temperature was so high that it rained,

it has become the ice road because of the sudden cold at night…


We have introduced many times about driving in winter,

so please read in advance and always keep in mind about safety!


In order to drive safely in winter

In order to drive safely in winter②

Caution for Black Ice!


This time, I'm gonna talk about the deer🦌

They are living in Hokkaido with us, and the wild animal relatively more likely to meet.

When we meet them, you could feel the excitement like in the safari park,

but while driving, please be careful about wild animals crossing the roads.




Be careful about the accident with wild animals!

There are a lot of wild animals inhabiting Hokkaido.

Caution is needed while driving as wild animals may run across the road.

We also got reports of the accident with Ezo deer every year.

Ezo deer may look adorable from a distance, but they are actually large animals.

Some of them weigh more than 100 kg

and there have been fatal accidents caused by cars hitting Ezo deer crossing the road.


Seasons for Ezo deer sightings

The number of accidents peaks during October and November.

About 40% of collisions with deer occur in those 2 months.

Please be careful especially from October to March

when is easy to meet for Ezo deer while driving mountain roads.


In addition, 90% of accidents with Ezo deer happen between 16:00 – 24:00.

In winter in Hokkaido, the sun has already set about 16:00,

and there are almost no street lamps on the mountain road.

This time zone is not only an accident caused by wild animals,

but it is a time zone where accidents are likely to occur as a whole.


For preventing the accident with wild animals

1.Eyes shining due to headlights at night

When driving at night, the deer's eyes shine when the headlight of the car reflects.👀✨

If you see something shining when it is dark,

there may be a deer, so please drive carefully.


2.May not run even if a car approaches

Ezo deer on the road may stop in response to car lights and driving noise.

In addition, hoof slips on asphalt, and it may slow down to run away, or may rush down.


3.They may not be only one

Ezo deer is in a group.

Since the second and subsequent animals may pop out,

please do not neglect vigilance even after confirming the crossing of one animal.



Always drive with great care and with possible dangers in mind,

and why don't you make a plan in winter Hokkaido with World Net Rent a Car!