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A Guide to Boot Space|World Net Rent-A-Car

This time, we're gonna introduce about the car boot space

which is needed to consider🤔🤔

when you make a reservation of rental car.😀😀

We are having many inquiries such as "Will it fit?",

but it depends on the brand and design of luggage,

so it is not always possible to fit in boot space even with the size introduced this time.

I would like you to see as reference only.



I used 2 luggage that each size is 26 inches🧳🧳


It is boot space under the category SK class 🚗🚗

It was used Daihatsu TanTo✨✨

Unfortunately, 26 inches luggage couldn't fit in boot space💦💦

It looks fit, but the door it didn't close well because that luggage slightly protrudes.

But it is possible to fold half of back seat,

so it would be put more luggage if passenger is not more than 3 person.


Next is introduce of under the category S(Compact car).

And it is Toyota Vitz✨✨

It has hatchback style, so it looks compact but it could be put more luggage than you imagine.

Even though put 2 check-in luggage,

still you could feel it is spacious.


It is Toyota Roomy which is under the category S same as Vitz.

Because it has tall wagon style,

luggage could be piled up in the car boot👍👍

But, please note that it cannot be accepted that appoint specific car model🙇🙇


Next is, Toyota Premio which is under the category B(Sedan car)✨✨ 

It is still spacious even with 2 check-in luggage🙆🙆

But, if you will bring the luggage larger than 26 inches,

it won't be able to put more than 2 pieces because you cannot put your luggage like above picture.


Lastly, it is Toyota Noah which is under the category WA(Wagon, for 7-8 seats)✨✨

It could be put the check-in luggage even if you use 3 row seats,

If there are many passengers that have to use 3 row seats

and have a large number of luggage,

it is recommended that making a reservation for two cars

if you think that your luggage won't fit in the car.


By folding 3 row seats, you will be able to get more wider boot space!

That is why it is most popular car for family of 4-5 person.

The trunk capacity would be acceptable all your luggage and a lot of souvenirs💖💖



Regarding the car boot size, we cannot sure unless we put it in,

so please just refer to it this time.