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2019-2020 Car of the Year in Japan!TOYOTA RAV4|World Net Rent-A-Car

Today I came back with an introduction of a new car

It is the SUV car which is useful in this season especially🚙💨💨

Let me introduce Toyota RAV4 which is the car

that is won the prize of 2019-2020 Car of the Year in Japan🏆🎉

*Now it is available until 29 Feb 2020!



The reason for [Car of the Year award] is

that it is a new generation of SUVs, which are highly responsive to a variety of needs. 


The 4th generation was sold exclusively for overseas use,

but from the 5th generation, which has revived splendidly in Japan,

also received high points for its pleasant driving

with the adoption of three types of 4WD systems and powertrain and the latest platform.

It has also spacious luggage space, easy to use,

and even with DCM as a standard on all vehicles.

DCMData Communication Module


It is a gasoline model and comes in two colors, pearl white and black.


The design has been changed tougher and wilder,

it has a unique outfit only for RAV4.

Its exterior was designed based on “cross octagon” concept

by developing bold, masculine vehicle lines along with sharp-shaped LED headlamps and an angular wheel arch.


The interior is designed to be fairly spacious to all of the seats.


It could be confirmed that the forward visibility was considerably improved

with the slim and lowered instrument panel.


The Multi-Terrain Select Feature, that maximizes 4WD performance according to road conditions.

It is a system that can select from three modes of driving support

according to the road surface condition in off-road driving.

When you select a mode that is suitable for the road surface,

the AIM optimally controls the driving force, 4WD, and brakes.

Especially with SNOW mode in winter Hokkaido, it supports driving snow roads that are easy to slip.

(It is just an assistance function. Be sure that exceeding speeds must be prohibited.)


By the way, it is also very useful that getting power from a lot of places.

The armrest between driver's seat and passenger seat,

you could find 2 of USB ports!

(Please prepare the USB cables by yourself)


Also, there are 2 USB ports that can be used by people sitting in the back seat📱⚡


The navigation is a genuine Toyota.

Bluetooth is also available(^^♪


Realizes a luggage capacity of 580L that achieves well to active hobbies.

It's also big enough to fit all your outdoor needs.

The actual feeling was very wide, and it seemed like a suitcase for five people would fit.🧳

Of course, it can be folded back seats😄

It's very useful for winter activities with lots of luggage.


Equipped with rear view camera✨



How was Toyota's RAV4, which can be enjoyed comfortably in winter Hokkaido?

World Net Rent-A-Car offers a variety of new cars within 2 years of registration

and we look forward to your reservation🙋🙋