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Shiraoi Egg Village, and "Mother's"|World Net Rent-A-Car


How was my introduction to Upopoi last week?

I went to Shiraoi where is a little far from Sapporo,

so this week I would continue to introduce Shiraoi!

I would like to introduce "Mother's" Shiraoi Main Store,

which sells fresh local eggs and you can enjoy meals and sweets made from their eggs!

mother's Shiraoi Main Store 

About 5 minutes by car from Upopoi,

you can enjoy sweets and meals using fresh eggs,

and an egg packing factory facility.

If you come to Shiraoi, it is worth visiting once.

The mother's + building, which opened in April 2020,

is a fashionable and unique store that has won the Good Design Award 2020. 


Inside the store, they sell eggs, roast chicken and sweets made of fresh eggs.

On the left side of the photo is dining area.


They sell fresh eggs laid on the day of sale.

There are "red egg" egg pack with brown shells

and the "sakura-colored egg" with a slightly larger yolk that is recommended for making sweets.

Free range farming eggs are perfect for those who are interested in organics!

However, I know that it is difficult for you coming from outside Hokkaido to buy raw eggs...

There are also ready-to-eat egg products such as boiled eggs, soft boiled eggs, and smoked eggs!


Many sweets using eggs are on sale.

Popular cream puffs such as custard puffs, fresh milk whipcream puffs, and cookie puffs are often sold out.

Egg Pudding

Egg Ice Cream

The most popular Mothers egg castella and baked sweets are perfect as souvenirs too.  

I ordered "Pudding soft" that I can enjoy soft serve ice cream and egg pudding together!

Of course the soft serve ice cream was delicious,

but this pudding with a strong egg taste is worth eating at least once!


Fresh milk whipcream puff♪

The puff tasted like a very flavorful egg.


You can also tour the egg packing factory facilities.

Also, there are buildings of "Sweets Mothers" and "Tamago-Kan" nearby,

but since I had lunch already, this time I had to pass it (I will introduce the lunch of this day next week!)

I definitely want to enjoy the meal next time!

Tamago kake gohan! Omelette rice! Egg sandwich from an egg specialty store!! 😭😭

The restaurant is open for lunch only from 11:00 to 15:00.

Also, at the Niwatori-Kan, you may also meet with chickens when the weather is good🐔


Please come and visit various places in Shiraoi by car from World Net Rent-A-Car!



マザーズプラス Mother's +



Closed:Irregular holidays

たまご館 Tamago-kan



(Restaurant 11:00〜 until 14:00(weekdays) / until 14:30(weekend, holidays)

Closed:Monday(Open on public holidays)