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Hokkaido Tour Report of New Chitose Airport Part.2|World Net Rent-A-Car

The seasonal rain front is moving up to Kanto area…Finally…☂☂

YOSAKOI Soran Festival will be held in Sapporo on this week, 

However, the weather will be bad on this weekend for final day☔☔

I wish the weather will be sunny...


We will introduce you to 2nd volume of New Chitose Airport

that everyone has been waiting for(?)  \(^o^)/\(^o^)/

You can meet so many kind of Doraemons on the way to

Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park on smile road 3rd floor☺☺

There is Kids free zone which is place having fun for kids✨✨

Entrance free

Here is in front of Doraemon Waku Waku Sky Park💖

I took these pictures on end of May.

And They were celebrating Shizuka's birthday in May.

There are displayed a lot of Doraemon comic books published by Asia📚📚

As expected, worldwide popularity☺☺

There are a lot of lovely dolls in the shop😍😍

Also, I found goods which is Doraemon and Dorami

wearing Nippon Ham Pro-baseball team uniform!!

You may find limited-edition goods that is sold only here✅✅✅

Let’s go to inside the Waku Waku park!!✨✨

※Need to entrance fee※

You can see Nobita's room as soon as you go in🚪

Dorami also came here💨

HUGE Doraemon is greeting us🙌

Everyone was gathered in an empty lot

There are What-If Phone Box also☎☎

And There is Gian, who look like laying a scheme stealthily.

There are many places to having fun in Waku Waku Park.

This↑ is game that delivers Dorayaki that fall from the top to him

without dropping them🎮🎮

OF COURSE, I won \(^o^)/

In addition, there are many places using optical illusion✨✨

It looked like sitting on the letter【ワ】,

but actually I was leaning against the wall💦💦

Do you notice how could this possible↑?

Actually, there is a mirror under the table✨✨

If I were a little slimmer, I would have looked like I was in the bag...🙇💦💦

Same also, only the last steps are real,

and the rest are picture on the wall💦💦

It looks that I come out from the mirror...

but actually there is contrast room next to room☺☺

I have become smaller and...


I was in the same room but look very weird✨

If you are curious to know the reason, why don't you visit here??

There are also events where you can meet Doraemon✨✨

After events, I had a chance to taking picture with him📷📷

I visited here for my job....absolutely...

There is a Cinema on the 4th floor,

and even a spa ♨♨

It seems good for taking rest even if long time flight👍👍👍


How was the introduction to the New Chitose Airport I have introduced for two weeks

In addition to the one we introduced, there are many enjoying places in the airport \(^o^)/

Why don't you take the time to look around the airport??