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Hokkaido Tour Report of New Chitose Airport Part.1|World Net Rent-A-Car

There are a lot of sports events in schools of Hokkaido at now,🏃💨

…but last week it rained heavily and all the sports events in Sapporo were cancelled💦💦


Well, today’s report is for coming Hokkaido using New Chitose Airport!

There is a lot of place to enjoying in New Chitose Airport,

so we don’t recommend to arrive at the last minute and get on the plane☺☺

This is huge size of ROYCE’ chocolate at departure hall🍫

Personally I recommend

Calbee+ on 2 nd floor in New Chitose Airport🍟🍟

I ordered that comes with fresh-fried chips topped sweet chocolate

and soft ice cream🍦🍦

Also I recommend fresh-fried Jagariko cheese flavor🍟🍟

It is very delicious that fresh-fried,

so they don’t recommend to take away,

but there are package for taking away👝👝

And then I introduce Smile Road at 3 rd floor in airport(^◇^)

Attention anyone who loves chocolate🍫

There is Royce’ Chocolate World😋😋

It is introduced how to make chocolate with exhibition🍫

You can also tour the chocolate factory over glass☺☺

I wanted to eat chocolate much

when I looked them make chocolate🍫

Next to Chocolate World…

Everyone loves!

Hello Kitty Happy Flight(^^

All of Sanrio's characters are gathered\(^o^)/

I found Happy Flight Café

There are a lot of menu inspired Sanrio’s characters✨✨

I have found souvenir shop which is very popular Kitty worldwide✨✨

You may find a limited-edition Kitty goods that is sold here.


…but I will introduce next time🙇🙇💦💦

Please look forward to the next episode!!