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※We don't accept new reservations for HIACE Grand Cabin at this moment.

Thank you for your kind understanding.



I would like to introduce a car at this time after a long time!🚐💨💨

Because we got many inquiries and requests from customers,

this time, we have made a new package of

10 seater vehicle, Hiace Grand Cabin on the official website🎉🎉

It is a limited package of New Chitose Airport sales office

and you can choose a pickup day from 1st May.

We look forward to your reservation!!✨✨

※For driving this car with International Driving Permit,

the D column of IDP must be stamped. 

If it’s not stamped, we do not rent a car even if the reservation confirmed.


It can be used for 10 people including the driver, no problem with a big family!


It is quite long with 538 cm in total length, also it is a powerful figure✨✨

The height is 228.5 cm, so even adults can get in and out very easily!

It would be easy to move to the last low😄😄


Driver's seat is simple, but it is easy to drive because of high viewing😊😊

Console box placed the center of driver's seat and passenger's seat is,

as large as one person can sit.


The parking brake is placed left of the brake pedal,

uses it to pull by hand.

It is a very rare type, so please check it before your departure🙇🙇


Important ETC device is placed above the parking brake,

and left under the steering wheel.

The attached place may depend on vehicles,

you should check it also before departure ✅✅


With 10 separate seats, it is comfortable for long-time driving

without all 10 people having to sit narrowly💖💖

In addition, you can move in the car without folding seats,

so it is very easy to get on and off a car✨✨


The seat is fixed and can not be moved from front to back,

but the position of the backrest can be adjusted

with the triangular lever displayed in the red circle,

so it would be comfortable even long time driving👍👍


3~4 row seats are attached drink holder and pocket like this picture, 

so all passengers could be felt comfortable!

Of course, 2nd-row seats have these!

For 2 row seats, it is attached door pocket and drink holders at the right window side👍👍


It is a rear cooler for rear seats.

You can adjust to this button on the car ceiling.

It can be felt the consideration to make all passengers feel comfortable.


There is a switch for heating to the right of the door🔥


When you open the trunk,

please press the button under the Toyota Logo.


It is quite high with 228.5cm in total height.

When I try to close the door of the trunk that opens so far,

I can not reach…!What should I do…!!💦💦


At that time,

pull on this string on the right of the door to pull it down and close it.

Even I could it easily✨


Boot space is very large and high,

it can be fitted much luggage for 10 passengers☺

(Depending on the size of luggage, it needs to be piled up・・・)


There are speakers on the ceiling🔊

Why don't you enjoy your trip by listening to the music with everyone🎵



How was Toyota's Hiace Grand Cabin, which can be enjoyed by a large number of people?

We have prepared it limited in New Chitose Airport sales office,

When a large number of passengers, but only one person can drive!

or when using a car with a lot of luggage in the leisure season of Hokkaido coming from now on!

It will be a good choice!☀☀

Why don't you make a plan of Hokkaido trip with

rental car of World Net Rent A Car?