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How to enjoy Shiraoi Wagyu by reasonable price! "Iwasaki Gochisotei"|World Net Rent-A-Car

Shiraoi beef is produced in the Shiraoi town. 

It is Japanese Black beef, which is raised with the fruits of the northern land in the Shiraoi town,

such as warm climate, abundant nature, and plentiful water, etc., as well as the overflowing love of the producers.

Of course, there are many Shiraoi beef specialty restaurants in Shiraoi,

and you can enjoy fantastic Shiraoi beef by a lot of money...

For those who don't want to spend so much money for lunch

or want to give up because of over budget,

I would like to introduce to where you can eat delicious Shiraoi Wagyu as reasonable price as possible!

"Gochisotei" is a restaurant where you can enjoy the high quality beef raised from Iwasaki Farm in Shiraoi

at a reasonable price.


The restaurant is located along National Route 36 in Shiraoi-cho Shadai.

It is about 5 minutes by car from JR Shiraoi Station and Upopoi.


Interior where you can feel the warmth of wood and green


"Iwasaki Gochisotei" is a restaurant that uses Shiraoi beef for hamburger steaks and steaks.

As well as they have pasta and dessert menus.

You can eat various high-class meats according to your budget,

but today I ordered the cheapest beef menu according to the purpose of this post.

Salad is included at lunch time.

Besides, for the hamburger and steak menu, bread or rice, and soup were also included in the set meal.

The soup of the day was a consomme soup of shiitake mushrooms and bacon,

and it was really delicious with a lot of ingredients in it.


"Gochisotei" hamburger steak and fried egg with demiglace sauce (1,400 yen)

A hamburger steak made from 100% Shiraoi beef

and the soft-boiled egg from "mother's" that is introduced on my last posting.

Hamburgers are usually crispy and not delicious when they are 100% beef, but good meat is different!

Normally it is 180g, but you can change it to a 300g hamburger for +500 yen!

Today's cut steak (2,800 yen)

is that you can enjoy the taste of various parts of Shiraoi beef at a reasonable price.

They also prepared 4 kinds of sauces such as salt, ponzu sauce, mustard soy sauce,

and Iwasaki special sauce so that you can eat more various ways.


It was a satisfying meal!



There is a parking space where about 30 cars can be parked.

The horses in the behind of the parking lot were also at lunchtime.


In Iwasaki Wagyu's hometown, why don't you enjoy delicious Wagyu steak!


白老牛の店いわさき ご馳走亭


Open: 11:00 20:00 L.O. 19:30

Closed:Monday ※If Monday is a public holiday, the following Tuesday will be closed.