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Frequently Asked Questions ~Car equipment options~

Last weekend, a disaster occurred mainly in Shizuoka and Kanto region due to heavy rain,

and there was news about large-scale damage.

We offer our condolences to those affected,

and pray for restoration and relief as soon as possible, as well as revitalization of the affected area.



On rainy days, the visibility is narrowed while driving, which can lead to accidents,

so those who hold the steering wheel should be especially careful.

July begins, and the number of rental car reservations is increasing.

In particular, reservations are concentrated during the weekend (Friday to Sunday),

so if you want to make a rental car reservation, please make it up hurry.

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Today, I will introduce the part about "vehicle options"

among the questions we received from our customers.



1. CD, DVD player is not installed

In the previous version of the navigation system, CD playback was possible,

but in the case of the new navigation system, which has been gradually changed from this year,

the CD playback function is lost,

so please bring a device that can connect via Bluetooth, such as a smartphone, when playing music.




2. No rental service ETC card

ETC devices are basically installed in all vehicles, but ETC cards are not rented.

*ETC card is included when using HEP.

If you are bringing your ETC card yourself, please be careful not to leave it in the vehicle and get off.




3. Some vehicles do not have a rear view camera or smart assist functions.

It is possible to make a reservation by specifying a Toyota Corolla Axio hybrid vehicle,

but currently this vehicle does not have a rear view camera or smart assist function (obstacle notification function, etc.).

If you absolutely need a rear view camera,

please consider using the "Yaris Designated Plan" or a 7-8 seater van type vehicle.


However, in the case of reservations for 7-8 seater vehicles and designated vehicle types,

the number of reservations is limited, so please make your reservations as soon as possible!