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Differences in Compensation and Support (CDW and Wide Insurance)

Although the state of emergency declaration in Hokkaido has been lifted,

each World Net Rent-A-Car office is still trying to prevent the spread of Covid19.


Thankfully, since the number of reservations is increasing

in July-August after the declaration of emergency is over,

for those who are using a rental car for the first time,

I would like to introduce the "rental car compensation system",

which is the most frequently asked question when making a rental contract!

In our reservation products, there are packages "within CDW" and "without CDW" in the basic fee.

For packages with "免責補償料込" in the package name, CDW is included in the basic rental car fee.


So, what is CDW(Collision Damage Waiver)?

Simply put, the amount of money you have to pay when you have an accident with a rental car

is different by compensation system.


-Difference in burden between when you subscribe to CDW or not

With CDW Without CDW
Property Damage  Payment exemption \50,000
Vehicle Damage  Payment exemption General class car
Roadside Assistance Available Available

Non-Operation Charge
(compensation for the inability to use the car)

Able to be driven
Unable to be driven

Able to be driven
Unable to be driven

※This is an example of basic passenger car compensation.

The compensation and insurance systems are rendered void by malicious accidents

(e.g. violations of the terms and conditions, laws, regulations).


You could have more peace of mind if you sign up for the CDW

and/or make a reservation for a package that includes CDW in the basic fee.


You may also be wondering about Non-Operational Charge.

Vehicles that have been in an accident often require repair,

so we cannot rent them to another customer immediately after returning.

For us, we are rental car company, and vehicle is a product,

so it will be charged as a part of compensation for business

during the repair/replacement of parts and cleaning time r

egardless of the degree of the damage or the time for the repair. 


But if you entered for the wide insurance system at this time!

Payment of Non-Operation Charge is exempted by additional payment of 880 yen per day.



Of course,

Even if you have signed up for Wide insurance,

do not be vigilant and drive safely is an important point

for a pleasant Hokkaido trip!

Please enjoy the drive trip to Hokkaido

with safe driving and social distancing!