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Attention for prolonged parking in winter|World Net Rent A Car

From February, it's been too cold even person like me who was born in Hokkaido.

Now flu is going around at Japan,

we have gotten a lot of regrettable cancellation contacting from customers for,

"Because of flu, I would like to cancel my reservation"💦💦

If you have a plan to visit Hokkaido in this winter,

please take care about you for a cold.


So, the most biggest winter festival in the world,

Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games will be held soon⛸

I heard Pyeongchang is extremely cold area... but it looks located further south than Hokkaido...

Do you know where is more colder? ?


And the biggest event in Sapporo is.....that's right!

From yesterday, Sapporo Snow Festival has been held⛄

In the central of downtown, it seems there are extremely a lot of overseas tourists than usual☺☺

We will report to state of Sapporo Snow festival on this official blog next time!

Please look forward to it


Well. This time We're gonna telling you about winter driving in Hokkaido.

Sometimes, it might happen situations prolonged parking

to next day at outdoor parking lot,

but you need to beware it⚠⚠

You can look for a lot of cars with standing windscreen wiper

in winter Hokkaido at outdoor parking.

If you don't do it, the windscreen wiper would be freeze and stick at windscreen during the night,

and then it could be burn the motor of wiper when starting engine and using wiper⚠⚠

The weather is getting warm during daytime than January,

but it could be snowed and freeze at morning and night,

please keep it mind☺