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Let's enjoy leaf peeping in Asahikawa!|World Net Rent-A-Car


Today's topic is about Asahikawa city!

Asahikawa is one of famous place for a autumn colors.

Since it is also close to Furano, Biei, and Sounkyo areas,

Asahikawa may be a good choice to go out in the autumn season.



1.Tokiwa Park


In the center of Asahikawa city, there is a Tokiwa Park where has a quiet atmosphere.

There are Chidorigaike, Kamikawa Shrine, Hokkaido Asahikawa Museum of Art, and even pool,

many citizens and tourists visit the park as a base for culture and art.



I also recommend taking a walk from Tokiwa Park to Asahibashi,

a bridge that symbolizes Asahikawa City.

The bridge is counted as "Asahikawa Hakkei"

and has been selected as "Civil Engineering Heritage" and "Hokkaido Heritage".

The arch-shaped iron bridge completed in 1932 is still in active use after repeated repairs and repainting.


If you need to take a break after visiting Tokiwa Park and Asahibashi bridge, 

I recommend Fukuyoshi Cafe.

This retro Japanese style but modern building is renovated the historical building

"Kitajima Flour Mill" (built in 1925).


Fukuyoshi Cafe's specialties, Tokiwa-yaki and Fukuyoshi latte.

Tokiwa-yaki is a snack which is created in the shape of its local landmark "Asahibashi bridge" near the main store.

The crispy buttery Danish pastry is sandwiched between mashed bean paste, cream, or seasonal ingredients.

Fukuyoshi Latte is a Japanese style drink made from Biei's red beans and Uji matcha.



2.Kamui Kotan


The word "Kamui Kotan" means "the village of God(or Devil)" in Ainu(Natives of Hokkaido).

There are many sightseeing spots other than autumn leaves,

such as the Ishikari River, the strange rocks and holes that appear in the Ainu legend,

the Kamui Kotan station platform, and the exhibition of three SL locomotives.


The white "Kamui Ohashi bridge" with the autumn leaves is quite spectacular view.


The Kamui Kotan station platform was recognized as a valuable station building during the Meiji era,

in 1989, it was restored to its original appearance when it was abandoned.

It is currently used as a resting place on the Asahikawa Cycling Road.


The harmony of three cleanly displayed locomotives and yellow-colored leaves was very beautiful.





3.Ginga & Ryusei Falls


It is a place where you can see two waterfalls flowing down from a steep cliff.

"Ginga waterfall" that flows down like a thin and delicate white thread,

and "Ryusei Waterfall" that flows down powerfully as a single thick waterfall.

The two waterfalls are also called Fufu(married couple) Falls and have been selected as one of the "100 Best Waterfalls in Japan".


Scenery that saw in the parking lot


Behind the souvenir shop is a staircase leading to the Soubakudai observatory.

If you climb for about 20 minutes, you can see two waterfalls flowing down at the same time.




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