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To the world of -41℃! Hokkaido Ice Pavilion|World Net Rent-A-Car


Have you ever felt the world of -41℃?

In the early morning of January 25, 1902,

the temperature of Asahikawa city was -41, which is recorded as the lowest temperature in Japan.

I can't imagine just the numbers…


This time, I went to the Hokkaido Ice Pavilion where you can experience the -41℃ challenge all year round.

I would like to introduce you to the world of snow and ice in Hokkaido.



Departing from Sapporo, it took about 2 hours and a half by car.

From Asahikawa, it takes about 1 hour.

The parking space is also very large, and it is located on the way from Asahikawa to Sounkyo,

so it is highly recommended with a rental car!



There are many facilities in the park,

but -41℃ challenge feel the most interesting and exciting, right?

Let's go into this building first.


Go straight on this road, and you will find the reception.

The receptionist guy was very passionate and enjoyable,

and I received a handmade wooden craft gift as well!


After explanation, I entered inside!

For a while, You can enjoy a fantastic atmosphere of interior from the entrance,

such as a sparkling and dreamy display of lights room and walking through a mirror maze.


At the end of the way, an ice hall will appear.

From here onward is -20℃!

But don't worry, they will lend you winter clothes in front of the entrance!

(It seems that it has been cleaned and disinfected with alcohol)

You will also be given winter gloves and a wet towel.

Wet towel...?


Let's go into the ice world!


It was obviously -20℃!

It was too cold and the wall was made of snow and ice!

But the floor is not supposed to slip at all.


Everywhere you look, it's a world of snow and ice.

Can you imagine that this scenery is indoor?



Unbelievable view!

It is a group of icicles with an ice wall of 600㎡, an amount of ice of 1000 tons, made for 40 years.

I'm disappointed that the hugeness is not expressed in the photo.


Ohhh, it's standing!

Do you remember the towel I got at the entrance?

The wet towel was frozen and became very hard.

You will freeze it in a more interesting way better than me!


If you feel cold, there is a rest room!

As expected, -20℃ was so cold…


And finally, I arrived this room…

Room of -41℃!

It was too cold that I couldn't afford to take pictures inside…

When you press the green button in the room, the temperature in the room suddenly changes to -41℃!

How about trying to the lowest temperature challenge in Japan.


The diamond dust, which I rarely see, was also been reproduced.

The glittering tiny ice crystals were really beautiful.

It doesn't appear on the camera, so please check it directly!


Finally, there was a Cliones exhibition!



When the museum is over, return the winter clothes and get hot tea.

It will make your body relax.

Besides, the toilet is also a museum and has a special shape, but since it is a toilet, there is no photo...

Please check it directly!


Even after the Ice Pavilion experience, but there are still plenty of facilities to enjoy.


Only those who paid for the Ice Pavilion facility can go up to this tree house.


Up to 3 people can stay there!


There are other facilities such as a bear ranch.

It's a little smaller than Noboribetsu and Showa Shinzan bear ranch,

but you can enter it for free, so please go see the bears.



How about visiting for a cold experience that you can't feel in pictures?

We are also waiting for your reservation at World Net Rent-A-Car Asahikawa Airport Sales Office!



Ice Experience Museum Hokkaido Ice Pavilion

氷の体験美術館 北海道アイスパビリオン




Close:Open throughout the year

Admission fees

AdultJunior high school students and older1,100 yen

Elementary School Student 650 yen

Child (3 years old and over) 200yen