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Hokkaido Food Trip ~Obihiro Local Food~|World Net Rent-A-Car


Obihiro, a city famous for Butadon(Pork Rice Bowl) and famous dessert shops.

I looked around as many shops as possible to introduce you to this place

where there are so many restaurants,

with rich ingredients obtained from the vast plains and nature of the Tokachi region!

Let's check out local foods in Obihiro together!



Butadon no Pancho

 It is said that Pancho is an originator of the Butadon(pork rice bowl),

and super popular pork rice bowl specialty restaurant that is always lined up.

The location is a 5-minute walk from Obihiro Station, and because of its taste,

it is a shop loved by not only tourists but also local office workers as well.


The sauce that anyone could eat deliciously, and the flavor of charcoal makes it appetizing.

Because it uses the finest pork loin, the taste of meat is also wonderful.



Address 北海道帯広市西一条南11-19

Opening hours 11:0019:00

Closed Monday. The first and third Tuesday

(opens if national holidays, and close next day. consecutive holidays)



Butadon no Butahage Honten

The long-established "Hageten" founded in 1929,

and the "Butahage", which is the same group as Hageten,

is located in "ESTA Nishikan" on the JR Obihiro Station.

Also, many passengers of JR train buy their butadon for ekiben

(lunch boxes for passengers sold at railway stations and trains).


The special pork loin with full of Umami taste is grilled over a high temperature.

The pepper makes the good point of taste, and the seasoning sauce is placed on the table

so that you can add it if it is not enough.

It is basically served with miso soup.


Address 帯広市西2条南12丁目JR帯広駅エスタ西館

Opening hours 10001930

Closed the third Wednesday



Rokkatei Obihiro Honten

THE famous dessert shop representative of Hokkaido.

Rokkatei, which is loved as a souvenir for its delicious taste, famous name value and beautiful packaging,

is also born in Obihiro.


There are shops in many places such as Sapporo, the airport, and food section in a department store basement,

so you might be no need to visit to it if your purpose is only buying souvenirs,

but you should definitely visit the Honten for Sakusaku pie(Crispy custurd cream pie) that is only sold at the Honten.

(Also sold at Sapporo Honten)

Best before date is just 3 hours and expiration date is only 1 day (the day of purchase),

so the best way to taste is buying and eating right away!


At the Rokkatei Kissasitsu(Cafeteria) on the 2nd floor of Rokkatei Honten,

you can enjoy cakes and lunch menus.

Ricotta cheese pancake is limited menu in Obihiro Honten.


Address 北海道帯広市西二条南9-6 六花亭本店 2

Opening hours 9:00~18:30



Takahashi Manjuya

Takahashi Manjuya, a long-established store founded in 1954,

is known by the locals as “Takaman”.


Obanyaki (大判焼き) is like a stuffed pancake.

The Oban-yaki of Takahashi Manjuya has 2 kinds of flavor, Azuki Bean Paste and Cheese.

Surprisingly, Cheese flavor is more popular in this shop, 

it is also recommended for those who are not good at sweetness.

In addition, it has a simple but attractive taste in all menus

even meat steamed bun and ice cream(Seasonal menu).


Address 北海道帯広市東一条南5-19-4

Opening hours 9:0021:00 ※Sunday, National holidays close at 20:00

Closed Wednesday



Cranberry Honten

Obihiro Cranberry was founded in 1972, and is famous for its large baked sweet potato cake.


Cranberry's signature, sweet potato cake uses whole large sweet potatoes.

With full of the original sweetness of the ingredients, it doesn't go through many processes.

All they are of different sizes and are sold by weight.

It costs about 1,100~1,500 yen per piece.

*Sold by weight, not cut sales


There are many other kinds of cakes and pies,

and the prices are surprisingly cheap!


Address 北海道帯広市西2条南6丁目

Opening hours 9002000

Closed Non



Tokachi Butadon Ippin

Tokachi Butadon Ippin, which has its main shop in Obihiro,

but it has more shops in Sapporo, so I recommend you this place if you can't go to Obihiro.

It is a pork bowl specialty shop managed by "Sorachi", which is a familiar sauce maker in Hokkaido,

so the sauce is very delicious and the pork meat is flavorful of charcoal.

You can choose the amount of rice, meat, and the size of the meat cutting.


In addition, the location of Ippin Sapporo Kita 10jo shop is a 3-minute walk

from our Sapporo sales office!




Curry Shop Indian

Indian curry restaurant proudly speaks of 'the second most delicious restaurant in Obihiro'

because the most delicious thing is the dish of wife and mother.

It is Obihiro local people's soul food,

you can enjoy delicious curry that has been boiled for a long time at a fairly low price.

There are shops only in Obihiro or Kushiro,

so if you come to Obihiro, we highly recommend this restaurant!


…But the shop I visited was temporarily closed due to staff training,

so there is no photo of curry…😭

I have eaten it several times before, so I can guarantee the taste!

I will never fail next time…!



Obihiro has so many other shops I would like to introduce,

so it took a long time just to pick up the contents.

Still I haven't gone all to the shops I want to go, so please look forward the second part.


Next week is introducing for Obihiro sightseeing spots!