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Hokkaido Tour Report of walking around Hakodate city|World Net Rent-A-Car

Recently, the weather in Sapporo is bad…☔☔

I thought it would be fine, but from the next day bad weather continues💦💦💦

Even though sunny days, but it with thick clouds…☁☁☁

Speaking of the annual event in Sapporo on the second week of June…

Annual festival held at Hokkaido-jingu Shrine (Commonly called Sapporo Festival) \(^o^)/

It has only three days from 14 Jun~16 Jun,

In the past few years, I have never been there…💦💦


Well, this week away from Sapporo,

a popular tourist area of Hokkaido is here!

We introduce a popular spot in Hakodate🚙💨💨

The camera angle is bad…😅😅

A must-see for Reki-jo (Women who are interested in Japanese history)!

I have visited the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum in Hokkaido☺☺☺

In front of the museum, there is a bronze statue of Ryoma Sakamoto😲

On the right side, there is a certain convenience store.

There is a place mixed with the present era and history.

If you are looking around…

In connection with the name of Ryoma Sakamoto,

it is the 【Bakumatsu/End of Edo Era fortune】

It is only for Saturdays, Sundays, and national holidays.

If you are interested, why don’t you aim for the period??

Many of Ema(votive horse tablets)relating to Ryoma Sakamoto are lined up☺☺

It is forbidden to take a picture inside the museum, so I cannot introduce them.

If you are interested, please come to visit.

On the way to the Bay Area I dropped by the café called

Sabo (tea shop) the old Japanese-style tea house restaurant

having Retro atmosphere🍵🍵

It was cold, so I had Matcha/ powdered green tea. ( ^^) _旦~~

Of course, they have coffee too☕☕☕

Sweet confectionaries served with tea(coffee?)

are perfect for the black coffee👍👍👍

O-shiruko(sweet red-bean soup with mochi) tastes good💖

What makes us feel relieved by having O-shiruko??

Lastly, the famous view point of Hakodate,

Hachiman-zaka Slope💨💨

When you climbed up to the top of Hachiman-zaka slope,

there are lots of tourists as it is a famous spot

I tried it once to take a picture after everyone else has left📷📷

You can get a full view of the Bay Area✨✨

In the night, you can enjoy the lights of the city

which is different from the one in the daytime.

So, why don’t you check the difference between the daytime and the nighttime

when you visit Hakodate??


For the customers who are planning for the trip in Hakodate,

how about visiting recommended tourist spots in Hakodate city?