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Hokkaido Tour Report of Hakodate Park |World Net Rent-A-Car

Finally, cherry blossoms bloomed in Sapporo,

so it can be enjoying HANAMI(enjoying Cherry blossom view) on Golden Week.

This is the best spring season in Hokkaido. 🌸🌸

But We will introduce good sightseeing places in Hakodate

where I went before 1 day of cherry blossom’s blooming💦💦💦

 For reference, 

the free shuttle service isn't available from New Hakodate Hokuto Station or Hakodate Station,

We would like your understanding🙇💦

The shuttle service is only between Hakodate Airport to Hakodate Airport branch☺

There is a Morning Market near Hakodate Station🍚

It is recommended that enjoying fresh seafood after waking up early✨✨

Limousine bus work from the Hakodate station to the airport🚌

It takes around 25 minutes🚍

※Please note that it could be changed running time

depending on road situations in winter season⚠

When you arrive at Hakodate airport,

please go to counter on 1F💨

It takes 5 minutes between Hakodate airport and Hakodate airport office☺☺

Hakodate has many slopes as to be called【town of slopes】,

so we recommend to rent a car for sightseeing!

This is a picture of the roads around Hakodate station🚙

I took it end of April, it was so easy to drive because snow totally melted😍

Because of trams, Hakodate has some special traffic lights🚥

Under the red light, the red mark × is for trams only

Depending on the location, some places are clearly displayed in this way.🚥

In addition, yellow arrow marks are also for trams, so be careful

For more information, please check this website

if you have a plan to drive in Hakodate✅

This time we will introduce Hakodate Park

which is one of the famous cherry blossom spot✨✨

When you use tram,

you need to walk a little bit this slope,

But there is a parking lot,

so it is definitely useful to using rental car\(^o^)/

Unfortunately, the day after this shooting,

cherry blossoms started blooming on Hakodate,

so I'm afraid I didn't see them💦

You can see Hakodate mountain on right side in this picture🍃

It is also beautiful place when cherry blossoms bloom fully💦💦

Further inside, there's a small stream.

You may feel freshness and cool.

There are stalls in the park👜

so it can be feel like little festive mood♪♪

Moreover, there are many bamboos✨✨

so you will be relaxed so much.

There is a zoo in Hakodate Park🐐🐐

The goat looked at me as like saying, "who?"😍
This deer is called Yakusika that usually live in Yaku-island☺

Where were you looking?


Golden week is just begun!

Why don't you go recommended spots in Hakodate

with rental car of World Net Rent-A-Car??