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Driving Hokkaido at this time! What are the precautions?|World Net Rent-A-Car

Recently, I have introduced various places in Hokkaido,

but today I would like to share my personal experiences with you.


I would happy that you can refer to it when planning your trip.😄



1. Last week, I met a dangerous situation that almost hit a deer.

It was on the road after the sharp curve section, on a rainy night,

and in a mountain.

(Fortunately I haven't collided! Don't worry, there is no problem with me.)


When deer saw my car, instead of avoiding collision, they stood up and stared at the car.

Moreover, there were three. Or maybe more deer passed after that.



Please note that rear-end collisions with deer occur frequently,

especially during the deer breeding season from October to December.


For more information of rear-end collision with a deer,

Please check a previous posting.





Even at the top of the mountain, I can see white snow,

so when you drive the mountain paths like Nakayama Pass,

the snow remained on the shoulder without melting.


Last week in Hokkaido(Sapporo, Asahikawa, Hakodate, Muroran, etc.),

the first snow has already fallen.

Even though it was the first snow,

but there are places where snow has already accumulated depending on the area,

and studless tires are must-fitted when using mountain paths.

If you are concerned about the tires of the reserved vehicle,

please let us know your request in advance and we will rend you as a studless tires fitted vehicle.


Also, from December, all cars in Hokkaido area will be equipped with studless tires.

Studless tires will be standard equipment even if you do not specifically request it!




3.Please be careful about the Black Ice this season.

The temperature is still close to 10 degrees during a day,

so these days are rainy instead of snowy,

but when it gets colder especially in the early mornings and evenings it can drop to 0-3 degrees,

and the wet ground freeze and will be the black ice.


Information for Black Ice



On wet roads, please be slow down and avoid sudden brakes or sharp turn.

Driving in winter can take twice as long to reach your destination as it does at other seasons.

Please make a plan with spare time and enjoy a safe drive to Hokkaido!