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Parking in Japan|World Net Rent-A-Car

Let me tell you about the parking in Japan this time.


With rental car, you must park your car by yourself.

There are free parking lot of tourist destination, or hotel,

but usually you need to use pay parking in Japan.


Please check previous posting I introduce before to avoid illegal parking,

and be careful not to park your car on private property,

or in a parking lot with a contractor.

When you park your car owned by a restaurant or a convenience store,

you must move a car after the meal or after the goods have been purchased.

If you park for a long time and go to another place,

the restaurant owner or the manager of convenience store will notify the police,

or move your car by towing.


The types of parking lots that you will use in Japan are as below.

Coin parking lots are charged on a hourly basis, such as 15 minutes or 30 minutes,

and is paid by the fare adjustment machine. 

Usually there are two types of system,

one is gate system settled when you receive a parking ticket at the entrance,

and locking plate system that enter the number of the parked place into the machine.


Gate Parking

It needs to get the ticket at the machine at first.

The ticket is written some information such as time you entered a gate,

and you need to pay to the staff

or to put the ticket at the machine when you leave parking lots.

Please be careful not to lose your parking ticket,

and if you have lost your parking ticket,

you should contact parking lot management company.


Flap Lock Parking

When you park your car at the empty parking space,

the flap lock will rise automatically in a few minutes.

When you leave parking lots, please press number of parking space for your car

and pay amount shown at the machine.

After payment, flap will be down and you could move your car, 

and if you don't move your car after you paid, flap lock could be working again.


Don't stay longer after you paid

and please move your car after you check the flap is unlock.


It is not common in Sapporo, but there is Parking on roads with parking meters.

This roadside parking lot is designed for the purpose of visiting the area

where there is a lot of parking space

for business purposes and requiring a short parking time,

so the time is fixed.

If your parking time exceeds the specified time,

you should pay a fine of 15,000 yen for parking violation.

Only 100 JPY coins can be used to pay. 

The available time is fixed,

and it is not available during the winter season (December 1 ~ March 31).


Parking lots such as department stores or shopping centers are free or discounted

when you shop more than a certain amount.


Free parking is available for famous tourist attractions,

but some of them has a paid parking lot.

In particular, when you travel to cities such as Sapporo and Otaru,

there is almost no free parking space.


What was the introduction of the parking lot

that you will be using with car rental in Japan?

Do not forget to check out the parking lot information in advance

and enjoy your trip with World Net Rent A Car!